Super Soft Top Sheet

The Bumsie diaper top sheet is as soft as feather, making it extremely breathable and comfortable on the child’s sensitive skin. The ultra-softness of the top sheet is effective for preventing rashes or redness on the skin due to any kind of abrasion during its use.


Silky Smooth Back Sheet

A Smooth and soft back sheet, ensure a hassle-free slipping on & off without causing any discomfort to the baby’s skin.


Smart Soaking Absorbent Layer

Bumsie’s absorbent layer has high capacity soaking cells that are uniformly spread out & absorb liquids evenly. This prevents clustering and sagging which ultimately discomforts the child and creates leakages. Its amazing absorbency makes the diaper last longer and saves a couple of them daily.


Secure Side Leg Cuff

The Side Leg Cuff lining secures the fluids absorbed by the diaper and prevents leakages during crawling, playing or changing!

Waist Bands

Sneek-a-Boo 180 Degree Waist Band for tape Diaper and 360 Degree Waist Band for Pant Diaper

The unique elastic waist band, allows you to peep inside the diaper. So, Check-&-Change does not interrupt sleep or play! Elastic waist also adjusts to the baby waist and provides adequate space for comfortable body movements like rolling and crawling. Babies does not feel tight around his waist and hence helps in body movements.

S cut tape

S-Cut Magic Side Tape

The smooth finished S-shaped magic tape is soft on the baby’s skin and prevent any redness or nasty cuts. (Tape-On Style Only)

Super wide and Soft waist band for Pant Type – The super wide waist band in pant style diaper adjusts and fits the baby well preventing any leakages