About Bumsie diapers

Bumsie is a diaper brand founded by parents, for parents, who want to give nothing but the best to their child. Like most parents, we wanted to use the best diaper and we discovered that diapers have barely evolved over the years. Since the past so many years there has been little or no progress on the advancement of technology of disposable diapers in India. We set out to create soft, super absorbent, chemical-free diapers which are colourful, cute and above all safe for those little bums. Hence, BUMSIE. Through Bumsie we want to create an awareness on the usage of diapers for happy, healthy and stress free babies and mothers. `

Our necessity was indeed the mother of invention when it came to developing the ideal diaper at an affordable rate which is made available to everyone through a convenient platform.

Bumsie brings you a new benchmark in quality diapers that is a step above “Premium” with a price tag that is competitive & affordable. Bumsie’s revolutionary – 6S Comfort Secure Technology  keep your baby happy, dry and free of rashes.