It's quite understandable for parents to get a little overwhelmed with the plethora of diaper brands available in the market today. With constant baby rashes, redness and diaper leakages haunting you, you might wanna stop experimenting with every other diaper brand and consider having a more methodological approach! Here is how you can eliminate the entire trial and error process.



Don't even consider using diapers that are made of or contain strong chemicals

The baby’s skin is delicate. Diapers using chlorine, heavy metals, fragrances, lotions, moisturizers are no good for their skin. In fact, they may be the leading cause behind rashes, redness and irritation. When choosing a diaper, make sure the top sheet touching the baby skin is gentle and soft and free of chemical substances. A little online research and mother's club gossip will completely change your notions about some of the biggest brands out there!



Check the absorbency

Absorbency is an essential feature of any diaper. Absorption covers how much liquid a diaper can hold, how well that liquid distributes throughout the diaper, and how well it protects the baby's skin from the stored moisture. Poor absorption can lead to diaper sagging and exposing the baby's skin to persistent dampness leading to leakage and rashes. - A simple water test is all you need!



An Elastic Waistband - for Comfort & Mobility

An elastic waistband allows you to peep inside the diaper. So, Check-&-Change does not interrupt sleep or play! Also, an elastic waistband adjusts to the child's shape and provides adequate space and comfort. Well fitted diapers do not leak and are comfortable. A child is wearing a diaper most of the day, it's only logical that a snug fit is just as important as anything else.


There is nothing like a diaper subscription!

Choose a diaper that you can subscribe to. It's easy, convenient and one thing off your to-do list! Diaper Subscriptions are cost-effective as well. It is rare to find a premium diaper with an affordable subscription option in India. Until NOW.

My Choice - Bumsie!

For me, Bumsie is an absolute no-brainer!!

It has every feature that you can possibly look for in a diaper that is suitable for your child. It's probably the only diaper brand going around that actually has a soft functional elastic waistband.

Bumsie boasts of a modern and dependable 6S Comfort Secure Technology (add a hyperlink to 6S) that makes it reliable, soft and secure for your child's needs.

Bumsie's Subscription model (Create a Hyperlink to Bumsie Subscription) is innovative and unique. Every little detail has been thought of to design the perfect subscription plan. It is flexible and fits perfectly to the busy schedule of the parents and the delicate (and uncompromising needs) of the baby!

To top it all off, it is also cost-effective and affordable. Bumsie is one of the most reasonably priced Premium Diapers.  Its unique subscription model provides even more savings with the added convenience of monthly delivery. To know why you should subscribe to Bumsie, Check our Why Subscribe TAB